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Icaro Hall of Fame HG Class 1

FAI World Championships - 8 gold metals

Manfred Ruhmer 4 gold medals
Christian Ciech 1 gold medal
Alex Ploner 3 gold medals

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FAI European Championships - 7 gold medals

Manfred Ruhmer 4 gold medals
Christian Ciech 1 gold medal
Alex Ploner 2 gold medals

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Italian Championships - 20 gold medals

Christian Ciech 10 gold medals
Alex Ploner 6 gold medals
Marco Laurenzi – 1 gold medal
Anton Moroder – 1 gold medal
Roberta Soldarini – 1 gold medal
Franco Garzia – 1 gold medal

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Leadership certified by results

“The best in the world” may seem like an ambitious claim for many brands, but for Icaro 2000, it is the pure and simple truth.
From 1990 – the year in which an Icaro-designed hang glider was first entered into a European or world-level competition – up until today, the brand has been present on the winners’ podium with extraordinary frequency.
In fact, Icaro 2000 is the hang glider manufacturer with the largest number of victories in World, European and Italian championships.

Icaro’s soaring success in international competition reflects the company’s constant commitment to quality, performance and safety, features that hallmark all its products, from its hang gliders for beginners right through to its high-performance competition wings and its free-flight helmets.

Superlative design, precision engineering, premium materials, relentless R&D and testing, and a healthy pinch of Italian inspiration: these are the ingredients that keep Icaro high in the skies of world competition.

From when Icaro 2000 made its appearance in the Italian, European and World arenas of competition hang gliding, it has garnered more titles than any other manufacturer.
In the 22 World Championships for flex-wing hang gliders from 1976 to the present, an Icaro 2000 glider has taken first place on 8 occasions.
In the 21 European Championships for flex-wing hang gliders from 1977 to the present, Icaro 2000 has won 7 times.

All Icaro 2000’s World and European Championship victories were obtained with the Laminar, in its successive versions. In the 44 Italian Championships for flex-wing hang gliders from 1975 to the present, Icaro 2000 has won 19 times, with various models from its range.
Considering the 7 other titles in different categories (rigid wings and women’s competitions), Icaro 2000 has been at the top of the podium for a total of 41 times in the space of 46 years.

Manfred Ruhmer, Christian Ciech and Alex Ploner, who are instrumental in developing all Icaro 2000’s hang gliders, have achieved remarkable results in the Class 1 FAI competition.
Over the course of his long career, Manfred has won 4 World Championships and 4 European titles.
Christian has won 1 World Championship titles, one European title, and 10 Italian Championship titles.
Alex Ploner has won 3 World Championship titles, 2 European title and 6 Italian Championship titles.

Over the course of its history, Icaro 2000 has built over 10,000 hang gliders comprising all the models in its range, making the dream of free flight possible for all, from beginners to tandem passengers, right through to European and World Champions.

Flavio Tebaldi
Any hang gliding Hall of Fame has to include Flavio Tebaldi, who has flown Icaro 2000 hang gliders for 30 years, has worked for the company, and has been sponsored by Icaro for many championship events.
Flavio has been manager of the Italian hang gliding team for over 20 years, contributing to its remarkable success.
He is a Hang gliding instructor since 2003

On 9 November 2021, FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale, the World Air Sports Federation) will give Flavio the Paul Tissandier Diploma, awarded to individuals who have served the cause of Sports Aviation through their work and dedication.

Here is a list of Flavio Tebaldi's victories as manager of the Italian team:
9 World Championship titles, comprising 6 consecutive victories in Class 1 (flex wings, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019) and 3 victories in Class 5 (rigid wings, 2002, 2004, 2008)
2 European Championship titles in Class 1 (flex wings, 2016, 2018)
Organizer of 2 World Championships, one for Class 5 (rigid wings, 2008) and one for Class 1 (flex wings, 2011)
Organizer of the upcoming 2022 European Championships
Organizer of the annual Valerio Albrizio Trophy, on Icaro 2000's home ground at Laveno, from 1994 to today
Organizer of the international Monte Cucco Trophy from 2007 to today.
Winner of the Valerio Albrizio Trophy in 2001