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the Laminar with kingpost.
A hang glider for advanced pilots who do not want to fly a kingpostless glider

Principal features        (Index)



Designed by the world champion Manfred Ruhmer, the MastR is a direct development of the world champion hang glider Laminar, created by adding a central hole for the kingpost and reducing the number of battens in order to improve glider manoeuvrability.

In terms of performance, manoeuvrability and simplicity of flying, the MastR is an excellent kingpost hang-glider.

The Sail


The leading edge is not interrupted on the nose by the mylar pockets. This allows perfect, uniform tension distribution.
The double surface sail has been re-designed for perfect tension distribution.
New reinforcement design has enabled a reduction in weight.
The size Large has one extra batten with respect to the size Medium in order to reduce deformation of the wing profile at high speeds.
The lower batten pockets have been re-designed to simplify the insertion of battens and to prevent them from emerging from the batten sleeve, when the hang-glider remains open for an extended period at the launch site with a strong wind from behind.
We decided to use a single pitch cable to obtain a better ratio between performance and handling
There are 12 designs from which to choose.

Sail colors


You can choose your own colors on the sail configurator

The Frame


The finest tubing available is used, made from 7075 alloy, the same as that utilized in the aeronautical industry.
Our tubing is manufactured by extrusion, the process that guarantees the highest possible performance in terms of weight/strength and reliability.

Other features

Tech Data Sheet

Tech Data Sheet Model S M L
Small Medium Large
Area m2 12.60 13.77 14.88
Nose angle deg 128 131 131
Wingspan ml 9.40 10.06 10.48
Aspect ratio 7.01 7.35 7.38
Double surface % 96 94 94
Battens (upper + lower sail) nr 18+4 18+4 20+4
Weight (without bag) Kg 27 30 32
Pilot hook-in weight (min / max) kg 50/75 70/90 85/110
Packing bag lenght ml 4.65 4.98 5.20
Short packed length ml 3.25 3.90 4.10
Certification DHV 3 DHV 3 DHV 3