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Icaro landing field Lake Maggiore, Italy


The Icaro 2000 landing field in Laveno (Lake Maggiore) is perfect for paraglider and hang glider pilots who will appreciate the nearby launch sites, the generous thermals and the excellent cross-country flying possibilities.
In addition, the field has facilities offering fun, relaxation, sport and adventure even for non-pilots.
In a lovely natural setting at the foot of the spectacular mountain Sasso del Ferro, it is easy to reach by car, and it has a large car park.
It is close to the Laveno-Cittiglio cycle and pedestrian path, and not far from Laveno and Cittiglio railway stations.

Landing field for hang gliders and paragliders

For pilots, the Icaro 2000 landing field in Laveno is large (30,000 sqm) and ideal for safe landings, with plenty of obstacle-free air space in which to check the wind direction and set up your approach.
There is the added convenience of the Icaro 2000 Speed Bar for pleasant post-flight conversation.
Pilots from all over the world are welcome. The only prohibition is on paramotors, which would mar the idyllic peace of this location.

Two launch sites

The Icaro 2000 landing field is served by two launch sites, Sasso del Ferro and Monte Nudo.
Sasso del Ferro is reached by a cable car running from the centre of Laveno, with open pods ideal for taking up hang gliders or paragliders, and an exciting experience even for non-flying participants. The trip up takes about 15 minutes. At the top you will find a bar and restaurant, plenty of space to assemble your hang glider, and the famous launch ramp: just three steps and you’re flying. Altitude 930 m, vertical distance 700 m. From here, in about 10 minutes paraglider pilots can walk up to the top of Sasso del Ferro, where there is a launch site for them, altitude 1,060 m, vertical distance 830 m.
Monte Nudo is served by shuttle vans leaving from the landing field. The trip takes about half an hour. The launch site is near a secondary summit named Crocetta, height 1,115 m, vertical distance 885 m. It is well-maintained, with lots of space for both hang gliders and paragliders.
Sasso del Ferro and Monte Nudo are positioned on a sequence of ridges producing generous thermals that can take you up to heights of 2,000 metres and beyond in spring, offering excellent cross-country flying potential, in addition to ideal conditions for beginner pilots. These launch sites cannot be used in conditions of north wind.

Icaro 2000 Speed Bar


The Icaro 2000 clubhouse and Speed Bar is a focal point of the landing field. Named after the control bar of Icaro 2000’s high-performance hang gliders, the Speed Bar is a pleasant location in which to talk about your flight and enjoy coffee, drinks, snacks, light lunches, ice-creams and aperitifs in good company. With indoor and outdoor spaces, set within a well-tended green area, the Speed Bar is also open to the general public, and with prior booking it is available for private parties.

Icaro 2000 helmets shop


Icaro 2000’s sports helmets, famous worldwide, are assembled here, in premises adjacent to the clubhouse. You can watch the staff at work on the helmets, try on and purchase a new helmet, and browse the special offers available. There is also a selection of T-shirts and other Icaro 2000 branded sportswear products.

Camping area


Pilots who wish to stay for a few days can utilize the camping area on the south side of the landing field. Shower and toilet facilities for campers are available behind the Icaro 2000 Speed Bar. Just contact us for information on tariffs and availability.

Play area for children


The play area at the edge of the Icaro 2000 landing field is a favourite for the youngest visitors. As it is close to the Speed Bar, it offers the ideal location for celebrations and birthday parties, above all for children. Just contact us for further information and bookings.

Experience the exciting world of sports flying


For non-flying visitors, the Icaro 2000 field offers a unique chance to watch paragliders and hang gliders colouring the sky with their aerobatics and then during their circuits and landings.
You can arrange a tandem flight with qualified instructors and experience the incredible feeling of freedom when you are dancing on the wind, soaring a thousand metres above the ground in the company of swifts, hawks, buzzards, griffon vultures and eagles. You will discover that any sense of vertigo magically disappears, and if you think you may suffer from air sickness, we have a secret cure: just eat an apple half an hour before your flight.
We particularly recommend a tandem hang glider flight from the Sasso del Ferro launch ramp, with Christian Ciech, qualified instructor, hang glider designer, and the holder of multiple world championship titles.
The adrenaline rush is comparable to skydiving, but the difference is that in a hang glider it lasts much, much longer: minimum 20 minutes, and more if conditions permit.

Icaro 2000 headquarters

Icaro 2000, the first hang glider factory in Europe, began operations in 1973, and today it leads the world: it is the manufacturer with the largest number of world competition titles.
Since 1998 it has also been making sports helmets of distinctive design, with performance guaranteed by certification and quality marks.
While its hang gliders are made in Sangiano about 6 km away, Icaro 2000 has a head office alongside the Speed Bar at the landing field in Cittiglio.
Well worth a visit if you are interested in purchasing a new hang glider, parts and accessories, programming scheduled maintenance, or simply to see the ever-beautiful, ever-amazing Icaro girls!


45‘53’49.73 N   8‘38’19,42 E

The landing field is located between Laveno and Cittiglio.
The entrance to the parking is in via Cittiglio, near the new roundabout


ICARO 2000 srl
via Molino 4
21014 Laveno Mombello - ITALY

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