• Never fly without a helmet
    • Life is too important to risk losing it due to a senseless omission.

  • Ensure that the helmet you are using has EN 966 certification
    • EN 966 European certification was designed specifically for our free flight sport.

  • All our helmets are built in compliance with the stringent regulations specified in EN 966.
    • Never trust a helmet that does not have the EN 966 label inside.

  • We always recommend flying with a full-face helmet
    • A full-face helmet provides the best possible protection.

  • Never modify your helmet in any way, for whatever reason
    • Any modification could reduce the protection that the helmet gives you.

  • Never use an electronic headset under the helmet
    • Your head would no longer be protected!

  • Make sure that the helmet’s chinstrap is properly fastened

  • If you keep your helmet in your paraglider or harness rucksack, do not sit on it

  • Handle the helmet and visor with great care

  • Never allow the helmet to fall onto the ground

  • After an accident, even in the case of just a minor impact, the helmet must be replaced, whether or not there is visible damage.

Helmets can save your life
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From: [email protected]
Sent: mercoledý 15 agosto 2012 20:37
To: [email protected]
Subject: Helmet broken
Dear all,
I had an accident with my ICARO helmet, and it broke (hopefully, I'm alive and not very injured).
Thanks a lot for your help, and for your knowledge, that permits me to be alive NOW.
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From: [email protected]]
Sent: lunedý 30 aprile 2012 02:50
To: [email protected]
Subject: Info
I bought the Icaro Skyrunner for downhill skateboarding and love it. I recently had a crash and hit my head pretty hard the helmet saved me from what could have been very bad. All it has are some scratches, good work.
On 21 December 2006, we received this e-mail from Nader Couri: Gianni: this is a story of a friend of mine, who had an accident this week. He hit a fence and was saved because he was wearing an Icaro full-face helmet. Even so, he had a long surgical operation on his face. In his description, he said that the only reason he is still alive is because of the helmet. There is also a picture of the helmet.
All the best, Nader
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