The light Icaro helmet expressly made for the Red Bull X-Alps 2015

We have sponsored the helmet to 20 participants of this incredible competition.

The weight of helmet depends from the size: 388 grams for the XXL and 400 grams for the XS.
Red Bull X-Alps 2015:

Paul Guschlbauer (AUT1) wearing

the Transalp helmet
Incredible light and strong
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Name and Design

In the Red Bull X-Alps 2013 competition it was for the first time mandatory to wear a helmet with E.N. 966 certification.

The pilots have searched for a helmet that is as light as possible, and they have found our TZ model without ear defenders or electronic headsets.

Clement Latour, second classified, was wearing this slightly modified helmet of just 390 grams.
Polycarbonate shell

The 3 mm thickness polycarbonate shell has the advantage to be very light but still very strong.

The carbon look is just a perfect serigraphy.

The polystyrene has a density of 90 g/cm3
No visor can be installed

However, with each helmet we supply two pieces of Velcro which can be fixed at the back of the helmet. In this way, you can keep normal ski goggles in position.

The are 5 available sizes with wheel regulator for a perfect fit of the head circumference from 53 cm to 64 cm.
  • Small (cm 56)
  • Medium (cm 58)
  • Large (cm 60)
  • Extralarge XL (cm 62)
  • XXL (cm 64)

The size of a helmet is always described by the inner circumference of the internal padding.

The size number therefore corresponds to the head circumference in centimetres.

Interchangeable internal padding

3 internal paddings are adapted to the 3 sizes determinated by the wheel regulator situated in the back of the helmet. They can be replaced by larger or smaller padding pieces included the wheel regulator, thus varying the helmet size.

You just choose your own size of ICARO tailored inner helmet lining for a safe, perfectly comfortable head fit….

It can be changed in moments in case a different size is needed.

If the helmet is not a perfect fit, we send a new padding free of charge, independently from where you bought the helmet.

The important advantage: you can easily remove the padding and replace it with a new one or just wash it.
Covering shell edge

For the first time we don't use the normal rubber to cover the edge of the shell

We found the method to stich a strip of fabric around all the helmet

The result is just unique and beautiful
Certification E.N. 966

The helmet Transalp is a slightly modfied TZ, it has the same certification.
The TZ model has been tested by the italian laboratory CSI a company authorized by the Italian Ministry of Transport and recognized by the German TUV.

All our helmets are designed especially for free flight and micro light pilots, in accordance with the European standards (EN 966).

Our helmets were designed and built specifically to be as light as possible. However they optimize safety for hang glider, paraglider and micro light pilots, as shown by the information above.

For more information about the E.N. 966 test please read our page About safety

Look also at our very interesting video we made during the EN 966 test of the helmet Rega

click to enlarge

Download the manual for all our helmets (Pdf)

  • Helmet grams 450 for the size XXL

  • Helmet grams 400 for the size XS

Originally the helmet was 340 grams as shown on the video at the beginning of this page.
For more safety we increased the density of the polystyrene and we added the wheel regulator to change easily the size.

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Therefore we reserve the right to modify the characteristics in any way, without any prior notice.

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