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The new PIUMA, light in the air, big in the sky.
It’s not just lightness that makes it special.

PIUMA was designed with the objective of creating a basic hang glider with even easier and reliable behaviour, while also giving more demanding pilots an improved performance.

PIUMA offers better characteristics at medium-low speeds.

PIUMA transmits piloting sensations that are appreciated from the first moments of flight.
Its excellent behaviour at low speeds guarantees an easier and safer launch, easier entry into a thermal, and stability both in turns and in straight flight.

PIUMA attains a greater maximum efficiency when compared to its predecessor, above all when fitted with the new wingtips (optional).

PIUMA is also distinctive for its lower weight (up to 1 kg lighter than the RX2) and speed of assembly.

PIUMA is ideal for all pilots who are looking for a hang glider that is easy to use, with zero complications.
It is also the ideal hang glider for learning at the practise slope.

The Sail


The wing’s undersurface features new graphic design and new colour combinations.

Sail colors


More colors

or you can choose your own colors on the sail configurator on our E-shop

Technora Sail


The Technora sail is available also on the Piuma

The Frame


The finest tubing available is used, made from 7075 alloy, the same as that utilized in the aeronautical industry.
Our tubing is manufactured by extrusion, the process that guarantees the highest possible performance in terms of weight/strength and reliability.

Other features:

  • Profiled downtubes with rubber grip surface

  • Floating crossbar

  • Elliptical wingtips

  • Profiled kingpost

  • The two nose-battens remain in position at all times, and the nose fairing is semi-automatic (manually-fastening the top Velcro strips is not necessary).

  • Batten tips
    The snap-fit system is very efficient and easy to use. It enables sail tension to be fine-tuned.

  • Only six battens to be inserted for each wing.

  • An efficient tail fin prevents Dutch roll, above all during tow-launching.
    The fin increases the hang glider’s stability, making it easier to fly straight.
    The fin is easy to stow in the cover when the glider is packed.

Tech Data Sheet